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Divorce Recovery


Divorce presents unique challenges. A common myth is that divorce ends the intense love / hate relationship, however current studies show that couples often fight at the same high pitch intensity 10 years after the divorce. Divorced couples' enduring anger stems from continued feelings of hurt and humiliation fueled by new complaints and jealousies over new partners. To minimize the emotional impact of divorce on children, divorced couples must learn to get along as this is the # 1 factor in children's emotional well being through divorce, in addition to the #1 factor in being able to eventually accept a new partner after the child has psychologically adjusted to divorce. Divorced individuals, and children with divorced parents go through the same grief process as if a loved one died. For 2-5 years, provided the pain is not masked through another relationship, drugs, alcohol, or sex. A divorced individual will oscillate between the 5 stages of grief- Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. An individual can temporarily mask the pain of the grief process in unhealthy ways but will eventually experience the pain. The psychological grief process is longer for children due to their undeveloped emotional centers in their brain. Augusta Family Counsel can help you grow as an individual while processing divorce, learn healthy ways to communicate with your ex to stop the unhealthy conflict cycle with your ex, in addition to empowering you to help your children to process divorce.  


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