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How does the role of an Ombudsman fit into Family Life Education?

Often work conflict spills over into relationships and family life. Patrician decided to get trained as an Ombudsman due to the high frequency of individuals seeking a trusted advisor to be a sounding board for new ideas, initiatives, and proposed actions in complex and high stakes organizations in addition to dealing with work conflict.

History of Ombudsman

The history of the Ombudsman begins with King Charles XII of Sweden when he appointed the first Ombudsman in 1713. The role was added to the Swedish Constitution of 1809 and was called a Justitieombudsman.  The concept of Ombudsman spread through Europe with Finland establishing a similar role 1919, Denmark in 1954, Norway in 1963, Canada and the United Kingdom in the 1960's, and the United States in 1966. The Modern Ombuds empowers People, Businesses, and Organizations to reach their full potential.

The Modern Ombudsman

Organizational Ombuds help manage risk and assist people at all levels of an organization with navigating complex relationships, policies and work environments while working to promote civility, fairness and justice. When fulfilling the role of an Ombuds, Patrician follows the guidelines and ethical practices of the International Ombudsman Association. 

An Organizational Ombuds is a trusted advisor who is:

Independent- An Ombuds functions independently of formal channels and other services.

Impartial- An Ombuds does not take sides but works to support empowerment and fair process. 

Confidential- An Ombuds protects your identity and the confidential information you share, unless it is determined that there is an imminent threat of serious harm. 

Informal- Speaking with an Ombuds is off the record. An Ombuds does not retain permanent records of confidential communications. 

An Ombuds will not:

Receive notice of claims against an organization.

Conduct Investigations. 

Make management decisions or policy.

Advocate or take sides.

Substitute for formal channels.

Testify or produce documents in legal or other proceedings. 

To request Patrician as an Ombuds, please contact the office at 706-831-6026.




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